Opening Nights is committed to engaging our university and local communities in creative experiences. Our series of campus and community engagement programs provide these experiences to the community at no cost. Each event is custom-selected to educate, illuminate and inspire.

“The commitment that Opening Nights shows to arts education each season is tremendous. Through their programs, students are exposed to diverse artists, informed of potential arts careers, and encouraged to explore different forms of art. We are privileged to participate in this program and look forward to continuing watching Opening Nights grow their educational programming.”
—Sam Thompson, Dean of Students at Raa Middle School

K-12 Education

Since the formalization of the K-12 education program in 2011, Opening Nights has provided free arts experiences to more than 10,000 K-12 students in Leon County and the surrounding area. This year, we continue to inspire students and teachers by providing free, in-school performances and lessons.
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Master Classes

Arts education is at the core of Opening Nights, providing meaningful experiences to students of all ages on and off Florida State University’s campus. Master Classes provide students the opportunity to work one-on-one with artists to learn and gain experience.
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Partners in Education

The Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the performing Arts is designed to assist arts organizations throughout the nation to develop or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems. The primary purpose of these partnerships is to provide professional learning in the arts for teachers.
Partners in Education

Summer Arts Adventure

In partnership with the Florida Center for Reading Research, our passion for creating meaningful education experiences continues during summer breaks with the Summary Arts Adventure activity booklet. Read some new books and start bringing your child’s stories to life! Copies can be found at Leon County Public Libraries and online.
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