2022 Award Winner

“This is one of the greatest honors of my life. Arts education is a vital right, not merely an option. It has always been and will continue to be an important element of education’s core truths and fabric. The ideals are intensified when they are combined with the concepts of inclusion and equity. As a principal, I have led the charge for arts education ideals while also directing our Performing Arts Department’s expansion and growth.”
– Benny L. Bolden, Jr.

2021 Award Winner

“As fine arts instructors, while we may see ourselves as cultivating the next generation of artists, we are ultimately fostering leadership skills that produce a community of citizens who value and demonstrate creativity, collaboration and communication, critical thinking and problem solving, perseverance and commitment, responsibility, and who value the unity it can bring to diverse populations.”
– Sally Ash

2020 Award Winner

“I am honored to be selected as this year’s honoree and look forward to continuing to support and advocate for creating well-rounded students who can bring about leadership and change to the world around us. I am a product of arts advocates, and I am honored to continue to promote such a legacy within our community.”
– Dr. Christopher Small

2019 Award Winner

“As a society, we all benefit from organizations that give back to our students, teachers, and communities. Opening Nights at FSU has proven to be that vital partner supporting the educational needs of our school community. These benefits have been life changing for my school because of the diverse experiences provided through performing groups, resident artists, and follow up materials”
– Dr. Iris Wilson