Featured Events

Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar

Viral Sensation Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar

Known for their beautiful renditions of gospel and musical theatre, Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar will perform at Ruby Diamond on Wednesday, February 5. More info on Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar.

Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo

A Fun Twist on Classical Ballet

The Trocks return to Tallahassee for their comical twist on classical ballet on Saturday, February 8 in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. More info on Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

Sir James Galway

“The Man with the Golden Flute” comes to Ruby Diamond

One of the greatest living legends of the flute, Sir James Galway, brings his talent to Tallahassee Thursday, March 5. More info on Sir James Galway.

News & Noteworthy

The Cristina Pato Quartet

Christina Pato Returns to Opening Nights

Cristina Pato, who recently performed in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall with Yo-Yo Ma in the Silkroad Ensemble, returns to Opening Nights with her quartet on January 30 to perform at Opperman Music Hall. More info on Christina Pato.

Black Violin

Black Violin comes to Ruby Diamond

Hip-hip violin/viola duo Black Violin is set to play Ruby Diamond on February 13. ⁠ More info about Black Violin.

Join us for a fun, fun, fun Valentine’s Dinner before the Beach Boys

Make your Valentine’s Day date night even better by joining us for dinner at the beautiful Heritage Museum at Dodd Hall before the Beach Boys.
More info about Valentine’s Dinner.