Opening Nights is committed to growing our mission to provide our campus and local communities with educational and entertaining experiences. Our series of campus and community educational programs provide students and the community with once-in-a-life time opportunities through master classes, workshops, school tours, Q&As, and panels with world-class performers at no cost. Each event is custom-selected to educate, illuminate and inspire.

For more information on educational opportunities, contact Calla MacNamara at or 850.644.2469.

Kevin Spencer – Pyramid Studios-Tallahassee

Students and staff at Pyramid Studios-Tallahassee were treated to a day of inspiration and magic when they hosted world-renowned illusionist and speaker Kevin Spencer. Kevin was able to connect with each person he met while touring the program, commenting on artwork and simply talking with students and staff. His visit included an inclusive performance workshop […]

Kevin Spencer – FSU High Flying Circus

Kevin made an impromptu visit the widely recognized High Flying Circus on FSU’s campus. Sandwiched between Doak Campbell and Dick Howser Stadium, the “temporary” tent stands out on its own as one of two such collegiate circuses in the United States. Director, Chad Matthews, and Kevin discussed ways to make the circus more accessible not […]

Kevin Spencer – Student Disability Resource Center at FSU

Spencer Scruggs, Assistant Director of the Student Disability Resource Center, co-organized a unique and mindful brainstorming session with his colleagues in this office and Kevin as the office is re-focus and aligning its internal operations with the Social Justice Model of Disability celebrating disability as an identity. The timing could not be better for Kevin […]

Kevin Spencer – FSU School of Communication and Science Disorders

In this highly “focused” workshop, 1st and 2nd-year graduate students from the FSU School of Communication and Science Disorders came together for this first time this school year to participate in Kevin’s activities driven by the Hocus Focus™ program so they can uniquely service Tallahassee’s autism population. Hocus Focus™ is a child-centered, arts-based program that […]

Kevin Spencer – Making Light Productions

Kevin was able to show Making Light Production’s young performers and future Broadway stars the importance of working together (step by step) to make the impossible possible through a series of magic tricks. This inclusive group of students was able to not only learn from each other, but also able to enjoy seeing these highly […]

Kevin Spencer – Gretchen Everhart School and the FSU College of Education

Kevin hosted three back-to-back workshops with students from Gretchen Everhart School. FSU students and Dr. Kelly Whalon, an Associate Professor in Special Education in the School of Teacher Education, also shadowed Kevin to aid students who needed it. After Kevin showed off his magic tricks, Gretchen Everhart students were able to learn simple magic tricks […]

Shana Tucker visits Pineview Elementary School

Cellist, singer, songwriter, storyteller, Shana Tucker is a woman of many talents. In fact, she’s had to invent new words to encompass it all. She recently visited with students at Pineview Elementary School and offered a “SongStories” “informance” highlighting her self-described musical genre “ChamberSoul.”