The Opening Nights Arts Advocate Award recognizes education professionals that establish exemplary support for arts education in their school to impact as many students as possible through partnerships with Opening Nights in Class programming or other local arts organizations.

2020 Winner

“I am honored to be selected as this year’s honoree and look forward to continuing to support and advocate for creating well-rounded students who can bring about leadership and change to the world around us. I am a product of arts advocates, and I am honored to continue to promote such a legacy within our community.”
– Dr. Small

Past Winners

“As a society, we all benefit from organizations that give back to our students, teachers, and communities. Opening Nights at FSU has proven to be that vital partner supporting the educational needs of our school community. These benefits have been life changing for my school because of the diverse experiences provided through performing groups, resident artists, and follow up materials”
– Dr. Iris Wilson, Opening Nights 2019 Arts Advocate Award Winner