Kevin Spencer – FSU School of Communication and Science Disorders

Kevin Spencer

In this highly “focused” workshop, 1st and 2nd-year graduate students from the FSU School of Communication and Science Disorders came together for this first time this school year to participate in Kevin’s activities driven by the Hocus Focus™ program so they can uniquely service Tallahassee’s autism population. Hocus Focus™ is a child-centered, arts-based program that combines education with imagination to help students develop and improve their skills in a variety of important areas. Spencer’s interdisciplinary approach to designing Hocus Focus™ values a holistic philosophy so essential to effective educational experiences that are generalizable for all children, including those with disabilities. Students learn magic tricks that they can use when working with their clients to help with improving their fine motor skills while following complex directions. Even director Hugh Catts joined in on the magic!

The mission of the Florida State University School of Communication Science and Disorders is to generate and disseminate knowledge related to communication processes and disorders. The program prepares undergraduate and graduate students to demonstrate broad-based knowledge of communication sciences and to apply theory and research findings to clinical practice.