Formed in 2007 by Norwegian trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth as a fun and exciting collaboration between musical friends, the ten-piece, all-female brass ensemble tenThing have firmly established themselves on the international scene to great acclaim.

A project that started as a joint effort turned into a highly celebrated ensemble, known around the world for easing the barriers surrounding classical music and their commitment to outreach and education.

tenThing Brass Ensemble - Photo by Anna-Julia Granberg / BLUNDERBUSS

Directions for the teacher

Use the questions below to engage students in a discussion about tenThing Brass Ensemble and about how students can make creative decisions and work toward personal goals. Student responses may be spoken, written, drawn with pictures, and/or play-acted as appropriate for the age and ability of the students. Be creative and have fun learning about tenThing Brass Ensemble!

Examples of tenThing Brass Ensemble performing

Play one or more the following videos for students. You do not need to play the entire video. Let the students view as much or as little as you think is appropriate. The last video includes stage movement by the performers!

Sample discussion questions

  • How did the music make you feel?
  • How does this music compare to what you normally listen to?
  • Are you more excited for the live performance?
  • What questions would you ask tenThing Brass Ensemble?
  • What brass instruments can you name?

tenThing Brass Ensemble - Photo by Anna-Julia Granberg / BLUNDERBUSS

Learn more about tenThing Brass Ensemble:

Read some or all the following information about tenThing Brass Ensemble with the students. You may read it aloud, display it for the class on a smart board, or hand it out for students to read.

History of tenThing Brass Ensemble


  • What event inspired Tine Thing Helseth and her friends to start their own performance ensemble?
  • How is tenThing Brass Ensemble similar to an orchestra? What about a concert band? Are there any similarities between tenThing Brass Ensemble and popular music ensembles such as jazz bands, rock bands, hip-hop artists, pop ensembles, or other music that you enjoy?
  • Sometimes people like to perform music they enjoy but they want to do it differently. Consider these examples with Disney songs:
  • Is there any music you enjoy, but you think it could be (or has been) performed differently? Give examples.
  • Is there anything you would like to be better at doing? Is there anything you would like to do in a new way? Answers could be related to music, or they could be related to any other discipline such as sports, computers/coding, writing, science, leadership, cooking, etc.
  • Do you think it is easy or difficult to do something in a new way? Explain your reasoning.
  • Try setting a goal for yourself. How can you begin working toward this goal today? How might you work on this goal over the next year? How might you work on this goal over the next 15 years? (Just like tenThing Brass Ensemble!)

Teachers have covered the following

  • Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  • Perceive and analyze artistic work.
  • Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
  • Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
  • Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.
  • Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.