Henry Cho

Henry Cho
From Here to There Tour 2024

Thursday, November 7, 2024
7:30 PM
The Moon

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Genre: Comedy

Comedian Henry Cho’s career reached new heights on February 11 when he became the 229th member of the Grand Ole Opry, marking the first comedian to receive this honor since 1973. With notable TV appearances on NBC’s he “Tonight” show and CBS’s “The Late, Late Show,” Cho’s comedic prowess has earned him recognition as host of NBC’s “Friday Night Videos” and creator of “The Henry Cho Show” on GAC. His one-hour Comedy Central Special, “What’s That Clickin’ Noise?” and film credits in productions such as Universal’s “McHale’s Navy” and “Material Girls” underscore his versatility. Cho’s clean comedy has garnered him key performances at the 59th Annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Dinner and collaborations with notable artists like Vince Gill and Amy Grant. He continues to expand his repertoire with recent projects like the faith-based film “Saving Faith” and the Hallmark movie “The Farmer and the Belle – Saving Santaland.”

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