Michael Rosato at the College of Entrepreneurship

Michael Rosato, the 2021 LeMoyne Arts Chain of Parks artist and muralist, met with FSU students from the College of Entrepreneurship in downtown Tallahassee for a lecture on the entrepreneurial side of being an artist.

During this lecture and discussion, Rosato hosted a creative conversation that explores the modern artist’s journey through an ever-evolving industry. Rosato tells the story of his career to help explain how he balances his passion for art while meeting the standard of his commissioned projects. While the artist’s journey can have many paths, he has created a job focused on cultural responsibility.

Students in-person and a variety of local artists online were able to ask questions and engage in a discussion with an artist with more than 30+ years of experience in the professional world of the visual arts.

Michael Rosato is also an FSU alumnus.