SASC Students Are Inspired by Mnozil Brass

Austrian brass septet Mnozil Brass performed for students at the School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre on Friday, March 2, 2018. The founding members of the ensemble are graduates of the renowned Vienna College of Music. Their formal training, combined with their Viennese style of humor, made for an insightful and educational performance the students will remember for years to come.

β€œOn behalf of the students, staff and families of SASC, we send our heartfelt gratitude for working with our school to bring Mnozil Brass to our school family. The show was perfect for our age group and our students were incredibly engaged. We were honored to host this event. Please send our gratitude to the members of Mnozil Brass, Centennial Bank and the team at Opening Nights. Thank you!”

With gratitude,
Lindsey W. Merrick
School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre

Prior to the performance, students displayed a mural project, performing musical numbers and making a presentation inspired by research they have done in the classroom on the Mnozil Brass band and brass instruments.