Sir James Galway

Sir James Galway hosted a master class for the College of Music’s Wind Seminar students as part of the Louis Ireland Humphrey Excellence Fund. Sir Galway was bold and direct in his feedback while keeping the lesson both light-hearted and fun. He was blown away by the talent that the students possessed, commenting that it was “challenging” to point out errors.

Additionally, Opening Nights honored Sandy D’Alemberte during Sir Galway’s public performance at the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. President D’Alemberte reinstated performing arts on campus with the inaugural season of Seven Days of Opening Nights, which took place in February of 1999. His widow, Patsy Palmer, attended the master class and addressed the audience before Sir Galway’s performance, commenting on President D’Alemberte’s passion for having world-renowned artists performing on campus as well as engaging and educating our students during their time at Florida State.

Sir James Galway poses with flute students

Sir James Galway, Lady Galway and Shelton Berg pose with Patsy Palmer and Dean Flowers