Cristina Pato

Cristina Pato shared her artistic journey through Transcending Disciplines: An Artist’s Journey to Cultural Sustainability at the Center for Global Engagement. Pato has forged a multifaceted career as an internationally acclaimed Galician bagpipe master, classical pianist, producer and educator. She showcased how her multiple identities have acted as a platform to probe social questions that […]

Canadian Brass

Canadian Brass hosted a master class with students from the FSU College of Music’s brass studios in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall–just before their public performance that night. In this class, a graduate brass quintet performed several pieces perfectly and the touring company provided valuable, fun and sometimes silly feedback from their years of public performance experience. They […]

Kevin Spencer October Outreach

Gretchen Everhart School and the FSU College of Education Kevin hosted three back-to-back workshops with students from Gretchen Everhart School. FSU students and Dr. Kelly Whalon, an Associate Professor in Special Education in the School of Teacher Education, also shadowed Kevin to aid students who needed it. After Kevin showed off his magic tricks, Gretchen […]

Shana Tucker visits Pineview Elementary School

Cellist, singer, songwriter, storyteller, Shana Tucker is a woman of many talents. In fact, she’s had to invent new words to encompass it all. She recently visited with students at Pineview Elementary School and offered a “SongStories” “informance” highlighting her self-described musical genre “ChamberSoul.”

Julie Fowlis

Julie Fowlis lead a discussion with Florida State University students on how music, story, and poetry can strengthen people’s sense of connection with, or at times separation from, the landscape that surrounds them during their work, play and life. Together participates explored the relationship between people and their environment. Students enjoyed hearing Julies’ personal journey […]

Shana Tucker – Pineview Elementary School

At Pineview Elementary School, Shana Tucker educated and inspire future artists through a performance-driven workshop. She introduced students to the most common practices of songwriting by having students create songs based off their favorite subjects like Math and Science. Students learned the essential elements of a song (verse, chorus/hook, bridge, intro, outro), and received the […]

The Slocan Ramblers

The Slocan Ramblers are passionate educators and bring as much enthusiasm for sharing their love of acoustic roots music with students as they do to their live show. Experienced teachers and attendees of one of Canada’s finest music schools—Toronto’s Humber College—the Slocan Ramblers hosted a special in-school performance for Leon High School body students while […]