Arts integration aims to ‘make learning come alive’

Leading the workshop was Emily Smith, a national teaching artist from Focus 5, Inc., an organization offering arts integration training and consulting. (Photo: Amanda Thompson) When the final bell rings on the last day of school, students and teachers alike are ready for a break. For most kids, that means snow cones and bathing suits. For […]

The Second City

Students from the FSU School of Theatre and the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship gained new skills in the art of improv from members of The Second City. The lessons taught during the workshop can be practiced in the day-to-day lives of business and theatre majors alike, making our students fearless for future auditions and […]


All the way from the Ukraine, DakhaBrakha performed for more than 400 Lincoln High School students the morning after their dazzling performance in Rudy Diamond Concert Hall. This school performance was possible through the support of AT&T. Students were dancing in their seats and gave the group multiple standing ovations. DakhaBrakha provided an engaging performance […]

yMusic: Composing with FSU students from the College of Music

On Monday, April 15, six outstanding instrumentalists collectively known as yMusic performed the world premieres of six compositions by FSU graduate students. The concert was the result of a six-month collaboration involving three separate visits to FSU by yMusic, who have recently toured with Paul Simon and appeared with him on Saturday Night Live. The ensemble visited FSU for the […]

Matt Haimovitz

Cellist Matt Haimovitz hosted a master class with FSU College of Music cello students. Following the class, students watched Haimovitz perform one of his acclaimed “pop-up” concerts at the William Johnston Building. The world-renowned cellist also performed two other pop-up shows during his trip to Tallahassee at the Florida Historic Capitol Museum and Happy Motoring. […]


Makana is not only a passionate performer but a committed educator, activist, and advocate. He is dedicated to making the world a better place for both current and future generations. During his four-day stay in Tallahassee, Makana visited five elementary schools in Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla and Jefferson Counties, teaching more than 1,000 students about Hawaiian […]

Julian Bliss: Master Class with Jazz and Dazzle

Julian Bliss hosted a master class with FSU College of Music clarinet students, sharing the breadth and depth of his artistry in a playful and welcoming atmosphere. The concert hall was filled with musicians from a variety of different majors, as Bliss touched on stage presents and how to lace a performance with elements of […]

Cashore Marionettes: Playing with Puppets

A mix of local artists and puppeteers, STEM and stagecraft students from TCC, and FSU art majors participated in an exclusive workshop with award-winning puppeteer, Joseph Cashore, as part of Opening Nights in Class programming.  Mr. Cashore led the hands-on workshop, sponsored by Tallahassee Community College, through the process of bringing a marionette to life. […]

‘America’s Got Talent’ star Mandy Harvey teaches students to feel sound

When Mandy Harvey walked onto the stage at Opperman Music Hall, most of the elementary and middle school students clapped to welcome her. But some students raised their hands, spread their fingers and shook their hands back and forth — the American Sign Language symbol for applause. The musician, who is deaf, performed for about 50 […]