Complexions Contemporary Ballet

On Tuesday, February 13th, Miguel Solano, a captivating performer from the boundary-breaking contemporary ballet group Complexions, hosted a series of masterclasses for Tallahassee’s aspiring dancers. Complexions’ philosophy of innovation and fusion permeated Miguel’s teaching, resulting in an energetic and fast-paced session. He fostered open dialogue, encouraging participants and emphasizing that mistakes are stepping stones to progress. He urged them to embrace risks as they explored movement in new ways. FSU freshman majoring in Dance, Isabelle Hagley, shared, “It felt exciting to be doing a ballet class that felt so different from the day-to-day”, she also appreciated that Miguel created “a great atmosphere to push yourself.”

The masterclass unfolded through a series of exercises, each building upon the previous one in complexity. The culminating choreography seamlessly blended traditional and non-traditional movements, creating a truly unique and captivating routine. Ilana Goldman, Associate Professor of Dance at Florida State University shared this after watching her students participate in the class, “Miguel set an example of excellence in teaching and I’m excited to talk with the students in my teaching methods class about his methods and strategies for teaching”. Throughout, Miguel emphasized the importance of sharp, controlled movements, maintaining continuous tension, mindful energy transfer, and a full-body experience in every action. This masterclass not only pushed boundaries but also inspired dancers to embrace experimentation and self-expression in their artistry.