Sons of Serendip

On Thursday, February 1st, the renowned classical crossover quartet, ‘Sons of Serendip,’ graced the stage, entertaining students from four Leon County middle schools. Enthusiastic attendees from Cobb, Griffin Raa, and Woodville middle schools traveled to Tallahassee Community College, eagerly anticipating an extraordinary live performance. Sons of Serendip captivated the audience with repertoire that seamlessly blended original compositions and reimagined hits from iconic artists such as Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Christina Perri, and Leonard Cohen. The quartet not only showcased their musical prowess but also fostered a genuine connection with the students, engaging in an open dialogue throughout the performance.

Inquisitive students had the opportunity to inquire about performance anxiety, gain insights into the workings of the instruments on stage, and discover the serendipitous tale of how the quartet members came together. Memorable moments unfolded as Sons of Serendip spontaneously created music based on students’ suggestions for chord progressions, musical key, and vibe (if you’re curious, the “vibe” the students chose for the group was “spooky”). The quartet skillfully transformed the audience into a makeshift choir, guiding them through harmonious renditions of selected songs.

A particularly poignant highlight of the evening occurred when Sons of Serendip invited Layla Adams, a brave freshman, to join them on stage for a live and heartfelt rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ Lincoln High School Choir Director, Scott Leaman, expressed, “Sons of Serendip provided a performance that was both accessible and virtuosic, and the students I brought were moved by what they experienced. They were especially grateful that it was more than a concert; the talk-back format gave them a chance to hear firsthand about their backgrounds, struggles, and successes.” As the performance drew to a close, students departed for their respective schools with beaming smiles and newfound inspiration, having experienced an unforgettable musical journey.