Soweto Gospel Choir

The Soweto Gospel Choir took over the auditorium at Godby High School the morning after their evening show, performing an abridged version of Songs of the Free. In Partnership with the Florida Center for Reading Research, Opening Nights was able to create customized programs to give students deeper insight into Nelson Mandela’s story and the choir’s colorful costumes. Bond Elementary School was able to join the fun too. Bond is the home to Swahili-speaking students who have emigrated from Congo.

“It’s bringing the world to Tallahassee. Some people in our community won’t have the opportunity to travel to Soweto, South Africa. This gives a taste of what that is. Whenever we can bring international artists in, it expands our knowledge of the world, the people in the world, and how we’re all a part of the global community” – Michael Blachly, Director of Opening Nights