Calla MacNamara Staff Spotlight

Calla MacNamara

Opening Nights at Florida State University is a program dedicated to enriching the cultural life of the Tallahassee community by presenting a diverse range of world-class performances and educational opportunities. One of the key people behind the success of the program is Calla MacNamara, the Education & Engagement Manager at Opening Nights.

Calla’s commitment to her work has recently earned her recognition as one of the Tallahassee Democrat’s two Women You Need to Know for this year. This is a prestigious honor that acknowledges the exceptional contributions of women in the Tallahassee community, and Calla’s selection is a testament to the outstanding work she does for Opening Nights.

As the Education & Engagement Manager, Calla is responsible for developing and managing the educational programs offered by Opening Nights. She works tirelessly to connect these programs with the Leon County Schools, ensuring that students have access to high-quality cultural experiences that enhance their learning and enrich their lives.

Under Calla’s leadership, Opening Nights has established strong partnerships with schools across the county, bringing world-class artists and performances directly to students. These programs not only expose students to new ideas and cultures but also provide opportunities for them to express themselves creatively through workshops and other hands-on activities.

Calla’s dedication to her work has not gone unnoticed, and her efforts have earned her widespread praise from educators, parents, and students alike. Her innovative approach to arts education has helped to make Opening Nights a leader in the field, and her work is a big part of the organization’s mission and one of its greatest strengths.

As we look to the future, Opening Nights will continue to rely on the expertise and commitment of leaders like Calla to expand its educational programs and reach even more students in the Tallahassee community. We are proud to have Calla as a part of our team, and we look forward to seeing all that she will accomplish in the years to come.

In conclusion, Calla MacNamara’s recognition as one of this year’s Women You Need to Know is a testament to the incredible work she does as the Education & Engagement Manager at Opening Nights. Her dedication to connecting our educational programs to the Leon County Schools is helping to enrich the lives of countless students, and we are fortunate to have her on our team. We congratulate Calla on this well-deserved honor and look forward to seeing all that she will accomplish in the future.